2016-2017 Borders and Their Human Impact A two-year faculty colloquium sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Center for International Education is pleased to announce a two-year colloquium entitled “Borders and their Human Impact.” The colloquium will entail a series of events including public talks, book colloquia, class visits and other opportunities for guests to interact with the campus community.

The theme was selected by the Global Learning Faculty Liaisons as an ideal topic for the Mellon Interdisciplinary Seminar. It will bring our faculty, students and community together from across the disciplines in a series of thought-provoking events.

The Colloquium will address the concept of borders and border crossings from a variety of perspectives that tie humanity to political, geophysical, physiological, epistemological and spiritual borders. Thus far, colloquium themes include:

  • The creation and crossing of geopolitical borders: migration and exile
  • The movement of epidemics across political and corporal borders
  • Privacy and virtual borders in an era of cybersurveillance
  • Crossing religious borders: conversion and confession
  • Linguistic borders and the politics of translation

Submit a Colloquium Proposal

Faculty are invited to submit proposals for up to $5,000 of support from the Mellon Foundation to cover the costs of hosting speakers and events as part of the colloquium on Borders and Their Human Impact

As part of the Colloquium, we expect that guest speakers will address a particular class, offer a public talk and engage the campus in additional ways as organized by the requesting faculty.

2016-2017 Speakers

9/13/16 - Theodore H. Kattouf, CEO AMIDEAST,  Former US Ambassador to Syria and the UAE
"Syria: A Case Study in the Forces Roiling the Middle East"
5:15 PM, Northen Auditorium

9/22/16 - Jimmy Santiago Baca, American Poet and Screenwriter.
Never Give Up”.
7:00 PM, Atrium, Ruscio Center for Global Learning

10/19/16 - Judge Franziska Höette
"The Refugee Crisis as Crisis for German Justice"
4:00 PM, Lewis Hall, Seminar Room 440

10/25/16 - David Sugerman, U.S. Public Health Service, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Emory University
From the Colonnade to the CDC: A Career in Public Health
5:30 PM, Science Center A214

11/3/16 - Priscilla Layne, UNC Chapel Hill, Department of German/Slavic Languages
"Migration to Germany - A Cultural History"
4:00 PM, Lewis Hall, Classroom C

11/3/16 -

  • David Farrell, Department of Political Science, University College, Dublin
  • Richard Katz, Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University (tentative)
  • Krzysztof Jasiewicz, Professor of Sociology, Washington and Lee University
  • Mark Rush, Waxberg Professor of Politics and Law and Director, Center for International Education, Washington and Lee University

Panel Discussion: "Brexit and the Crisis of Democracy in Europe"
6:00 PM, Stackhouse Theater

11/29/16 - Judith Baca - UCLA Department of Chicana/o Studies, Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC)
"Imagining America: Sites of Public Memory
5:30 PM, Wilson Concert Hall

12/1/16 - Ricardo Dominguez, UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts, The Electronic Disturbance Theater
"Disturbance Gestures: Art between the Lines"
5:30 PM, Hillel Multipurpose Room

1/31/17 - Nikesh Shukla, Novelist, Screenwriter, and Editor of the anthology, The Good Immigrant
"The Good Immigrant: Writing, Activism and the Importance of Representation"
5:00 PM, Hillel Multipurpose Room

2/1/17 - Maurizio Albahari, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Notre Dame
"Crimes of Peace: Methods and Ethics of European Responses to Mediterranean Migrations"
5:00 PM, Stackhouse Theater

3/9/17 - Filiz Garip, Professor of Sociology, Cornell University
"On the Move: Changing Mechanisms of Mexico-US Migration"
4:30 PM, Atrium, Ruscio Center for Global Learning

3/20/17 - Jeffrey Rosen, CEO, National Constitution Center and Professor of Law, George Washington University
"The Curse of Bigness: What Would Brandeis Say About Privacy in the Age of Google and Facebook?"
5:00 PM, Lee Chapel

3/22/17 - Dr. Michael Magoline '89
"From Lexington to Afghanistan, My Tribute to Washington and Lee"
5:30 PM, Atrium, Ruscio Center for Global Learning

3/30/17 - Dominique Nasta, Professor of Film Studies at University of Brussels, Belgium
"New Romanian Cinema: Crossing National Borders through Irony and Reflexivity", part of the 13th National Symposium of Theater and Performance Arts in the Academe
1:30 PM, Stackhouse Theater

3/30/17 - Maria-Sabina Alexandru, Professor of American Studies at University of Bucharest, Romania
"Reperformed Traditions and the Immigrant Experience: The Indian Theater of Roots in the United States", part of the 13th National Symposium of Theater and Performance Arts in the Academe
3:00 PM, Stackhouse Theater

3/30/17 - Rachel Lewis, Assistant Professor in the Women and Gender Studies Program at George Mason University
"Precarious Temporalities: Neoliberalism, Sexual Citizenship, and the Global Deportation Regime", part of the 13th National Symposium of Theater and Performance Arts in the Academe
4:15 PM, Stackhouse Theater