2017-2018 Borders and Their Human Impact A two-year faculty colloquium sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Center for International Education is pleased to announce a two-year colloquium entitled “Borders and their Human Impact.” The colloquium will entail a series of events including public talks, book colloquia, class visits and other opportunities for guests to interact with the campus community.

The theme was selected by the Global Learning Faculty Liaisons as an ideal topic for the Mellon Interdisciplinary Seminar. It will bring our faculty, students and community together from across the disciplines in a series of thought-provoking events.

The Colloquium will address the concept of borders and border crossings from a variety of perspectives that tie humanity to political, geophysical, physiological, epistemological and spiritual borders. Thus far, colloquium themes include:

  • The creation and crossing of geopolitical borders: migration and exile
  • The movement of epidemics across political and corporal borders
  • Privacy and virtual borders in an era of cybersurveillance
  • Crossing religious borders: conversion and confession
  • Linguistic borders and the politics of translation

Full List of 2016-2017 Past Speakers

Submit a Colloquium Proposal

Faculty are invited to submit proposals for up to $5,000 of support from the Mellon Foundation to cover the costs of hosting speakers and events as part of the colloquium on Borders and Their Human Impact

As part of the Colloquium, we expect that guest speakers will address a particular class, offer a public talk and engage the campus in additional ways as organized by the requesting faculty.

Confirmed Speakers

9/18/17 - Suyog Shrestha and Abha Eli Phoboo, CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research
"Science without Borders at CERN"
4:30 PM, Science Addition A214

9/19/17 - A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman
"Translating Aimé Céaires: A Conversation with A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman"
5:00 PM, Atrium, Ruscio Center for Global Learning

9/28/17 - Tariq Ramadan, St Antony's College, Oxford
Mudd Center's 2017-2018 Lecture Series, Equality and Difference: "Equality as a Social Requirement and a Human Ideal"
5:30 PM, Lee Chapel

10/18/17 - Jonathan Rauch, Brookings Institution
Conversations in the Age of Trump: "Unpresidented: Governing in the Age of Chaos", part of the year-long inquiry, Washington and Lee: Education and History
6:00 PM, Stackhouse Theater, John W. Elrod Commons

10/30/17 - Russell Hillberry, Purdue University
"Home Bias: Why National Borders Matter for Trade and Finance"
7 PM, Atrium, Ruscio Center for Global Learning

1/17/18 - Edward Luce, Financial Times

2/2/18 - Washington and Lee Law Review's Spring 2018 Annual Lara D. Gass Symposium