Reserving the Atrium

Questions? Contact Helen MacDermott at, 540.458.8203.

The atrium is an open space (1271 square feet) which accommodates (approximately):

  • up to 48 banquet style (six round tables, with up to eight chairs at each table),
  • up to 75 theater/auditorium style, or 
  • up to 125-reception (standing) style.

Assignment priority
Reservations are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. In 25Live, the location name is "CGL 152".

Scheduling priority is given first to academic courses. Scheduling priority is given second to academic-related activities. The scheduling of space for academic activities occurs after classes are placed, but before rooms are opened for general use.

An Atrium reservation does not guarantee exclusive use of the space.

There will be a minimum of 15 minutes between scheduled events.

Events will not be scheduled on official University holidays. If the University experiences an emergency closing due to weather, utility failure, or other unforeseen disaster, the event is considered cancelled.

Normal building access hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 am-7:00 pm. For scheduled events taking place outside normal access hours or on the weekends, Public Safety will ensure that building doors are unlocked and accessible.

When the CGL is locked or any other assistance is needed, please contact Public Safety at 540.458.8999.

Event Types
Event types permitted include University events, meetings, retreats, seminars, presentations, and teleconferences.

Event types which are not permitted include parties, dances, weddings, and any event where money will be collected on-site from attendees. Self-catered events are not permitted.

Furniture Layout/Setup
Furniture cannot be removed from the Atrium. For banquet-, theater-, or reception-style set-up, please submit a Facilities work order (, at a minimum, one week prior to the event date. Be sure to provide:

  • detailed information about what you need
  • date and time when the set up can be torn down

Note: there is no coat room in the Atrium. Coat racks may be requested from Facilities.

For catered events, please reserve one hour before and one hour after the actual scheduled event to allow time for set-up and breakdown. Also, please be sure to submit a Facilities work order ( for 6-foot tables for catering and additional trash cans.

University policy gives W&L Dining Services the first right of refusal for all on-campus events. Please email or contact Derrick Smith (540.458.8698). Should Dining Services decline or be unavailable, area alternatives include:

See Guidelines for On-Campus Serving of Alcohol (

Four 30"x 40" Closed for Private Event signs are available. Easels and foam boards are available for checkout from Leyburn Library.

Use of the Patio
If you wish to use the CGL Patio, you must also request the space in 25Live.

For tents bigger than 20' x 40', of which Facilities has a limited number, contact Chuck Schartiger at Virginia Tent Rentals (, 540.910.3425). A 30' x 30' tent will seat (approximately) 60 chairs. A 30' x 60' will seat (approximately) 125 chairs.

A wireless keyboard and mouse are available to access the resident PC (located in the AV closet). On the lectern/podium is a microphone; there are also two wireless lavalier microphones available. Laptop connections (1 HDMI and 1 VGA) are accessible from the lectern/podium. Video cameras are installed in the front and rear of the Atrium to allow for Skype. Apple TV is also available.

Advance training is required. Contact Helen MacDermott (, 540.458.8203).

Use of the Video Wall
The video wall can display:

  • media/software available on the resident PC (located in the AV closet), i.e. PowerPoint presentation, web browser, DVD, etc.; 
  • media/software on a guest laptop (by connecting the laptop to auxiliary connections at the podium or in the AV closet); or 
  • a mirror of an iOS device's entire screen (by using AirPlay on an iOS device and Apple TV)

Advance training is required. Contact Helen MacDermott (, 540.458.8203).