Student Responsibilities for Interviewing Programs

As a Washington and Lee student you have the opportunity to participate in employment and internship interviews managed by and conducted in Career Development. In addition, you are invited to apply for interviews in Chicago, New York City, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco that are organized through our prestigious consortium, Selective Liberal Arts Consortium (SLAC).

Acceptances of Offers

Once you accept a job offer--either verbally or in writing--an employment contract has been created and this contract represents an obligation that you are ethically required to uphold. In addition, if you do accept an offer, you have made a commitment to that employer and it is your ethical responsibility to discontinue interviewing with all other employers, including those who participate in on-campus recruiting. Therefore, before you say "yes" and accept an offer, consider your options carefully. Do not take an offer that you are unsure of out of fear or insecurity. Accepting an offer only as a precautionary measure is misleading to the employer and may restrict opportunities for others who are genuinely interested in that employer.

It is wrong to renege on an employment offer after you have accepted with an organization and doing so may carry negative consequences for you as a new professional. Additionally, you may cause harm to the relationship that Washington and Lee has with an organization and prevent other students from attaining opportunities with that organization in the future. Please contact Career Development before you take action if you encounter a situation where you are unsure of what to do.

If you decide that full-time graduate or professional studies are for you and accept an invitation into a graduate program, contact Career Development and withdraw from the on-campus recruiting process immediately. Also notify all employers that are actively considering you for a job.

By following these guidelines, you enable the employer to then consider alternative candidates for positions with their organizations and eliminate the possibility of the employer being left with positions to fill and no remaining viable candidates for consideration. These guidelines are based on the ethical standards established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Interviewing Policies

  • Do NOT contact the company's recruiter for schedule changes. The Career Development office manages the interview schedules unless otherwise specified. Contacting the recruiter directly to make changes to your interview time or to cancel your interview creates confusion and disrupts the scheduling process. If you need to make changes to your on-campus interviews or SLAC interviews, contact W&L Career Development ONLY.
  • You are expected to arrive prepared and on time for any interview you have scheduled.
  • Please contact Career Development immediately if you feel it is necessary to reschedule or cancel an interview due to an emergency.
  • You are required to cancel an interview at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled interview date. All interview schedules are frozen 24 hours prior to the interview date with the exception of Monday interview schedules which freeze at 9:00 a.m. on the preceding Friday.
  • Changes or cancellations made after the schedule is frozen must be made in person or by speaking by telephone with a staff member. Phone messages or email messages are not acceptable in these situations.
  • A "no-show" or failure to cancel an interview within the required 24 hours is considered a breach of Career Development policies.

Should you fail to adhere to the interviewing program policies, the following will be required:

  1. A warning is given by Career Development at the incidence of a "no-show" or late cancellation.
  2. You are required to write and send a letter of apology to the employer and deliver a copy of the letter to Career Development within 24 hours. Failure to meet this obligation will result in the immediate inactivation of your W&L JobLink account and cancellation of any pending interviews.
  3. A second offense of "no-show" or late cancellation will result in your immediate suspension from any other recruitment-related programs offered by Career Development.
  4. After a second offense, your situation may be referred to the Dean of Students to pursue the appropriate action.