Graduate and Professional School

Considering Post-Graduate Education

Graduate and professional school is a large investment which requires extensive consideration. Some questions to ask yourself when considering graduate school include:

  • Do you have a clear idea of the career you want to pursue? Is a graduate degree required for this career? Will it make securing employment easier? 
  • Who wants you to go to graduate school? Are your interests pushing for the advanced degree - or are you responding to "outside" pressure from faculty, parents, friends? 
  • If you defer graduate school for a few years, are there skills, expertise, connections you will gain?
  • "Do not choose grad school as a last resort because you think you will not find a job"

Career Development can help you decide whether graduate or professional school is right for you.  Whether you decide to apply, to wait, or to seek a full-time position, Career Development is available to assist you.  

If graduate school is right for you, find out what programs and entrance exams work best for you and how to best prepare for them. You will need strong recommendation letters, a persuasive personal statement, and figure out how to finance school before you apply.