What is the purpose?

The purpose of a resume is to give a 30-second snapshot of your qualifications. Your resume will initially be skimmed, not read. Keep your information pertinent and concise. Tailor your resume as much as possible to the position for which you are applying.

What do I include?

A resume is generally one page and can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Contact information
  • Education
  • Paid work
  • Volunteer experiences
  • Research 
  • Internships
  • International experience
  • Campus activities and organizations
  • Leadership experiences
  • Athletics
  • Skills
  • Interests

How do I make my resume stand out?

Remember to describe your role within your experiences using action verbs. To enhance your resume, focus descriptions on the skills you used and the accomplishments or contributions you made. For a list of action verbs and transferable skills to help get you started on descriptions, stop by Career Development or check the Resource Library on W&L LexLink

Having a hard time coming up with bullet point descriptions? Find inspiration here!

Never written a resume?

Start by checking out LexLink - there is a resume template in the system. You can choose from a variety of templates to get started. Review your initial resume draft with a Career Fellow in the Career Development office. Make an appointment on W&L LexLink to see a Career Counselor to complete and fine tune your resume.