How to Prepare

Preparing for an interview takes time. Make sure you not only are ready for the actual interview (questions, dress, etc.), but also have the resources you need to be successful. 


Career and Professional Development has resources you may need for any type of interview. Our available resources include:

  • Skype room
  • Phone available for phone interviews
  • Private rooms for virtual, phone, or skype interviews
  • Practice Interviews with career advisors
  • Self-practice interviewing on InterviewStream

Visit our office to reserve the resources you need or send us an email with your reservation request. 


  • Know yourself, including the values, interests, and skills that you want to highlight.
  • Be able to articulate why you want the position and why you are qualified and a good fit. 
  • Know the company or organization. Read websites, company literature, press releases, and current news.
  • Talk to people that work for the company - contact W&L alumni
  • Prepare questions to ask the employer at the end of your interview. 

50 Most Common Interview Questions - from Glassdoor