Ways to Assist

Encourage engagement with Career Development advisors early and often. Data shows that students who use their career services program frequently are more likely to secure employment following graduation.

Familiarize yourself with the resources and programs. Become a fan of the Career Development Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. By doing so you will receive the announcements of activities throughout the year.

Support the exploration of courses and academic majors. Many students discover their passion by taking a course they thought they had no interest in pursuing. Available to students is detailed information on W&L alumni by academic major and employment at graduation. Alumni partner actively with students through the Alumni-in-Residence series and other campus-based programs.

Understand the significance of internships, international experience and other experiential learning. Both paid and unpaid internships, community service, guided research, and study abroad provide an excellent opportunity to test career interests and to gain valuable experience. Approximately 60 percent of 2012 college graduates who took part in paid internships received at least one job offer, according to results of a new study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). "For college students, relevant experience is typically gained through an internship," says Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director. 

In fact, the internship can be the "foot in the door" to a job with many employers: In a separate NACE study regarding internships, responding organizations reported that 42 percent of their 2011 college hires came from their own internship programs. 

Assist W&L by offering career-related networking and referral of internships and jobs. Both family members and alumni are in the very best position of connecting Washington and Lee's Career Development with employers throughout the country and globally. Your purposeful introduction of Washington and Lee can open the doors with significant employers who intern offer internships, job referrals, or future speakers. Join the Washington and Lee Get Connected LinkedIn Community designed to be a place for active conversations between students and career volunteers (alumni and parents).