Frequently Asked Questions

When should my student visit Career Development?

  • Encourage your student to visit as soon as he or she feels acclimated to school. 
  • Career Development is a critical partner in the educational process for the entire four years.

What if my student does not have a clue about what he or she wants to do?

  • Assure your student that he or she is not alone, and that there are people and resources available to them on their journey. 
  • Encourage him or her to visit Career Development for self-assessments and discussion with a career advisor about how to clarify interests, skills and values from a personal, academic and professional perspective. 
  • The more the student knows about him or herself, the easier the ultimate major and / or career decision is.

What should my student major in?

  • Suggest that he or she explore a wide variety of classes in the first year and find an area of interest to pursue.  Understand that a major does not necessarily dictate a career path. 
  • Allow and support the ever changing interests and the directions your student might go, acknowledging that this decision must ultimately be their own.  He or she will be the one studying, making the career connections, and following the selected path.

When is the best time to look for summer employment? (internships, camps, research, etc.)

  • The timeline for summer listings varies according to the interest area.  Finance, accounting and some consulting begin in the fall.  Camps, teaching, publishing, marketing, etc. begin in the winter/ spring.
  • Encourage your student to research their area of interest and visit Career Development. 

How can parents and family assist students with job search and career exploration?

  • Encourage and support independent decision making. 
  • Help develop a broad network for career exploration with a variety of people.

Is on-campus interviewing the only way for a senior to find a permanent position?

  • Absolutely not. It is one of many ways that a student can find a "first career."
  • Reaching out to Alumni in your student's field of interest is a great way to encounter potential job opportunities.
  • Students can utilize our job postings on LexLink as well as other job boards that can be found on each Industry Specific Resource page.