Employer Guidelines


The Career Development office welcomes your participation in the recruitment of Washington and Lee students for both internships and post-graduate employment. In order to facilitate this process, we have developed the following guidelines concerning interviews, offers, and other aspects of the recruiting process. If you have any questions regarding our recruiting policies, please contact John Jensen, Director of Career Development, at jensenj@wlu.edu or (540) 458-8595.


Fall 2015 Recruitment Period

Full-Time Recruiting: September 21st - December 4th
Internship Recruiting: October 19th - December 4th

  • Information Sessions may begin on September 14th

No on-campus recruiting events:

  • October 15th - 16th (Fall Break)
  • November 23rd - 27th (Thanksgiving Break)

Winter 2016 Recruitment Period

January 19th - April 1st (full-time and internship recruiting permitted)

No on-campus recruiting events:

  • February 22nd - 26th (Washington Break)

Spring 2016 Recruitment Period

April 25th - May 13th (full-time and internship recruiting permitted)


How to Post Positions for Our Students
We use an internal system, LexLink, to post opportunities for our students. This includes internships, externships, and full-time positions. To post positions, please set up an employer profile at: https://www.myinterfase.com/wlu/employer. Please contact Caroline Schmidt at cschmidt@wlu.edu or (540) 458-8122 if you have any questions.


On-Campus Info Sessions and Interviews
Please contact Caroline Schmidt at cschmidt@wlu.edu or (540) 458-8122 to schedule on-campus info sessions and interviews. For interviews, requests may also be made through LexLink.

Video and Phone Interview Options
We can also provide Skype Video and phone interview capability and encourage all employers to fully consider students who are studying abroad. If you wish to utilize these capabilities, please consult with Career Development well in advance of your scheduled interview to ensure the proper arrangements are ready for your visit.


Career Development staff is available to assist you as you plan your recruiting strategy for this year.

Interview Timelines
We encourage employers to include recruiting timelines and/or procedures in job descriptions in LexLink and during interviews. For example, an employer would need to inform students in advance if second-round interviews are planned for the same-day or day after initial interviews. If possible, include the dates for which you will hold Super Day interviews. Employers are asked to provide alternative dates, without negative consequence, for a second-round interview if the date originally suggested by the employer interferes with a previously scheduled second-round visit, exam, or other legitimate student conflict. Employers are asked to provide students with three full business days' notice of a second-round interview in an off-campus location (e.g., for an interview on Wednesday, notice must be given by end of business day the previous Thursday).

In addition, when students are selected for an initial interview, they shall be notified if a pre-interview dinner or call-back dinner/event has been scheduled for the same-day as the initial interview. This allows students to make alternative arrangements in advance with professors, coaches, or other programs to which they are obligated.

Super Day events may be scheduled at any time in the term, but three full business days' notice to students is requested.

On-Campus Interviews
When interviewing on campus, employers must include a list of alternate candidates for your interview day. Please keep this in mind when reviewing candidates.

Offer Guidelines
Students need time to make informed decisions when comparing and responding to offers. With that being said, exploding offers and excessive pressure will not be tolerated. For further explanation, please see "Exploding Offers/Excessive Pressure" below. Student policies have also been amended to reflect the policies below. Employers are required to follow the guidelines below:

Full-Time Offers and Full-Time Offers to Summer Interns
Employers extending offers are encouraged to allow students a minimum of two weeks from receipt of the offer to respond to that offer, without pressure to respond on an earlier date. This includes students who have had a summer internship with the employer. Please see the section below on exploding offers/excessive pressure.

Internship Offers
Effective immediately, Career Development is enforcing a new policy regarding internship offers. Employers are not allowed to extend offers until 5 p.m. on October 23rd. During recruitment, students must wait for at least 7 calendar days before accepting or declining an offer. For example, if you extend an offer to a student on Tuesday, October 27th, then the student would, at a minimum, have until November 3rd to consider the offer. Please see the section below on exploding offers/excessive pressure.

Exploding Offers/Excessive Pressure
Exploding offers are those that require a quick response time or penalize candidates for taking time to consider offers. Excessive pressure may include statements such as "If I offer you the position today, will you take it?"

Washington and Lee students have expressed their concerns about exploding offers which create undue pressure in these situations. Employers are prohibited from extending "exploding offers" or pressuring students to accept an offer under duress. It is in the best interest of both the employer and student to negotiate these deadlines in good faith.

Penalties for Policy Violations
Employers who are found to be in violation of any of the aforementioned policies will be penalized. Penalties may include: delaying on-campus visits for the 2016 - 2017 recruiting period or being barred from participating in on-campus recruiting. This policy will be strictly enforced to protect all parties involved. Students are held to strict standards within their own policies, which parallel the guidelines detailed above.


Washington and Lee University prohibits discrimination or harassment in any form. Please refer to the Interim University Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Other than Sex and the Amended Interim Sexual Misconduct Policy.