Internship for Credit

Washington and Lee University recognizes the educational value of summer internships from organizations that offer high quality summer internship programs. The University will award a student one non-degree credit per summer for qualified summer internships. The summer internship will be transcribed as a non-academic course without a grade. It will appear on the transcript as a summer entry in the year the internship is completed. Up to three non-degree credits will be transcribed. They will have no effect on the transcript totals of degree credit.

To be awarded one non-degree credit for a summer internship the following standards must be met:

  • The student must be enrolled as a current student, receive final grades for the winter term immediately preceding the internship, and have no outstanding winter term incompletes on their transcript at the end of the spring term preceding the internship. 
  • In advance of starting the internship, students must apply to have the internship approved for possible non-degree credit. When the application is submitted, students must supply sufficient documentation regarding the internship so that it may be vetted by the Career and Professional Development staff to insure that the internship is sufficiently rigorous and will provide educational value. To fill out application please click here.
  • The Career and Professional Development staff will use advice from faculty familiar with various types of internships and will approve or disapprove the application. If necessary, once the application is approved, the University Registrar will confirm with the employer that the student will receive credit for the internship.
  • Students must supply to the Career and Professional Development staff a statement from the employer that the internship has been completed successfully, including that they had worked a minimum of 280 hours.
  • Students receiving credit for their internship must complete the Domestic Travel Internship form and return it to Career and Professional Development prior to beginning their internship.

To read full internship policy, please click here. If you have questions about internships or credit policies, check out internship Q&As for students and faculty.