Women FAQ's

How Do I Know a Workplace is Right for Me?

Research the company's reputation and diversity through resources such as Fairy God Boss, a site that includes reviews of companies from women and provides an inside look into various workplaces. Informational interviews are also useful to determine the work environment and whether it is a good fit for you.

What Questions Should I Ask the Employer?

Inquire into their performance evaluations and opportunities for further development. This can include certification programs or the chance to earn a degree. Ask about time commitments, expectations regarding travel and the ebb and flow of the work schedule. These questions reveal how supportive the employer is of their employees and chance to succeed.

How Can I Prepare to Negotiate a Salary?

There are two issues here: determining your value to the company and your resource needs and then determining how to pitch it. Find out what is important to the employer and analyze how you contribute to it's mission. What resources do you need to be successful? Research negotiation strategies generally and talk to employees about what has worked for them. Craft your pitch and practice it before you negotiate.