Students with Disabilities FAQ's

What Are Reasonable Accommodations?

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a reasonable accommodation is "a modification or adjustment to a job or the work environment that will enable a qualified applicant or employee with a disability to participate in the application process or to perform essential job functions" (EEOC). The employer you are interested in is required to meet your needs in order for you to work successfully. Review the Disability Accommodations page for various examples.

When is an Appropriate Time to Disclose a Disability?

If you need accommodations for the interview, let the employer know well in advance. However, if you do not have a visible disability and it does not affect your work life, it is up to you to decide whether to disclose. Review this informational handout for tips on how to disclose.

How Should I Prepare to Disclose a Disability?

Be ready to explain to the employer exactly what you need in order to do your work. Do research beforehand to analyze the costs; consider drafting your statement and practicing your delivery. Remember to highlight your skills and how you can contribute to the workplace and not focus entirely on your disability. 

How Can I Confirm an Employer is Supportive and Accommodating?

Read their equal employment policies to understand their position on supporting people with disabilities. When you apply, see if the application asks if the applicant has special needs or talks about the duty of the employer to create accommodations. Determine whether the employer has advertised on job resources for people with disabilities and provides different ways to turn in the application (this may vary depending on the job). 

What Kinds of Accommodations Can Be Provided?

Accommodations include having a building that is easily accessible in terms of infrastructure, flexible work schedules, and modifications for job training and work policies. Depending on the job, the employer is able to modify equipment for people with disabilities.

Which Questions Are Employers Allowed to Ask?

Employers can ask if you are able to complete tasks successfully and safely, but they cannot directly ask you about a medical condition or disability. For example, they cannot ask about the nature of your disability, treatment for mental health issues, prescription drugs, how many days you have been sick or similar medical questions.