Multiethnic Students FAQ's

How Culturally Competent is the Employer?

Network with company employees to find out about its work environment and attitude towards diversity. Read articles about the company and its reputation regarding issues of diversity. Informational interviews can help you get a feel for the workplace dynamic.

What Questions Can be Helpful to Ask in an Interview?

Directly confronting an employer about their stance on diversity or environment may be difficult to ask. Consider open-ended questions such as, "Why do employees choose to stay here?" "How does this company support teamwork?" or "How do people advance in this workplace?" Listen carefully to the answers provided.

What Hairstyle is Considered Professional for an Interview/Workplace?

This is a difficult question to answer especially for African-American women. Misunderstanding and discrimination sometimes arise from a person's hairstyle choice. It is important for you to make a personal decision about the style most comfortable for you. Your natural hair should not be the basis of an employer's hiring decision; however, for issues regarding hair color, research the company to see what is considered professional.

What Questions Are Employers Allowed and Not Allowed to Ask?

Employers are not allowed to ask about U.S. Citizenship, but they can inquire into work authorization. They cannot ask about your ancestry/lineage/race or how you acquired a certain foreign language capability. If the language component is a requirement, they can ask about your proficiency level.