LGBTQ Student FAQ's

Should I Come Out in An Interview or Professional Document?

This is a personal decision. You decide when you feel comfortable discussing your identity with others. Remember to also focus on your skills and abilities and not solely on your LGBTQ identity.

How Do I Know If An Employer is Supportive and Safe?

Do your research! Look at the company's website and discrimination policies to analyze their stance on employment equality. Connect with their employees through networking or informational interviews to better understand the company culture. Use resources like HRC's Corporate Equality Index to learn more about the company's reputation.

How Do I Find LGBTQ-Friendly Workplaces?

Use our Diversity Job Resources to find supportive employers and networks for your career. Our office can also help you connect with alumni in the industry of interest to get an inside look at the workplace.

Should employment in or activity with LGBTQ Organizations Be On My Resume?

This is completely up to you and also depends on the type of job and industry you are applying for. If you are interested in joining an equal rights advocacy group, then definitely include it! Otherwise, consider creating a functional resume which groups responsibilities you have had and tasks under separate skill groups and not by organizations. 

When Should I Use My Preferred Name?

You can use your preferred name on a resume by putting it in quotation marks and your first name as an initial. However, if a form specifically asks for your legal name, fill it out correctly. These may include background checks and insurance forms. 

Dressing for the Interview

Research the company beforehand to decide the level of formality. Dress well for the gender you would like to be addressed as. This decision can vary depending on the situation and the employer so feel free to reach out to our career advisors for advice.

How Do I Find Information on the Employer's Nondiscrimination Policy?

In addition to networking with employees and alumni who have worked there, search the company's website under sections such as "About Us" or "Mission Statement." You can also contact the company directly for more information on equal employment policies.