Recruiting W&L Students

There are multiple opportunities to recruit Washington and Lee students including W&L LexLink, our primary job and internship database, exclusive consortium participation, and private liberal arts listing services. Below are some of our top resources for recruiting. If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please contact us at or (540) 458 - 8595

Please note: By recruiting Washington and Lee University students on campus or through LexLink, you are agreeing to abide by the University Non-Discrimination/Equal Employment policy.

W&L LexLink

LexLink is our primary job and internship database. Create an account and post jobs for Washington and Lee students only or to multiple schools. Feel free to contact us for information specifically on recruiting with or posting to LexLink.

Selective Liberal Arts Consortium (SLAC)

SLAC is an exclusive consortium composed of 13 selective liberal arts schools. Every year, SLAC conducts regional interviewing days held in Chicago, Boston, New York, and DC. A variety of career industries are represented in each city and applicants are pre-selected for interviews. For more information specifically about SLAC or participating in a regional interview day, contact Kimberly Phillips.

Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN)

LACN provides a job and internship listing service that gives you the opportunity to reach over 60,000 students at 30 highly selective, small, private liberal arts colleges with just one posting, for free. For more information specifically about LACN, please email us or call us at (540) 458 - 8595.