Johan Garcia Padilla '14

padillaJohan's interest in public health was sparked by an internship through the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His exposure to different stakeholder interactions and administration in healthcare settings prompted an interest in healthcare management and the integration of healthcare from a multidisciplinary approach. Johan worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Harvard School of Public Health where he did anything from policy work to research for purposes of carefully understanding all of the elements that make healthcare administration the unique field that it is.

Johan is completing his MPH in Healthcare Management at Yale. Currently, Johan has slowly begun to focus his interest on international healthcare, and how the industry can become more competitive for purposes of raising quality standards across the world. Most recently, he has traveled to India and China where he met with hospital and healthcare administrators to learn about the nuances that make their systems great or challenging. Johan has embarked on a study in Columbia that assesses the variability of healthcare delivery and how this variability contributes to differences in patient outcomes. With this mindset, it is his firm belief that we can learn from different healthcare systems to make our own much better. Johan hopes to continue his travels across the hemisphere, and as a Latin American, he hopes to see his region thrive in areas of business and healthcare. Johan hopes to work in hospital administration or healthcare consulting upon completion of his MPH degree, and would love to speak with W&L students considering public health as an alternative or an addition to a medical degree. At W&L, Johan was a Spanish major on a pre-med track, with a minor in Latin American & Caribbean Studies.

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