Graham Perkins '11

PerkinsGraham Perkins currently works as a product manager at Hightail on its creative collaboration product. Prior to Hightail, he worked in product and enterprise customer success at Expensify, an expense management startup. At W&L, he studied economics and environmental studies before earning an MS at the McIntire School of Commerce at UVA with concentrations in financial services and management of information systems.

He believes that the liberal arts education like the one W&L provides is excellent for individuals working in startup environments where it's critical that one understands how to deeply problem solve and where it's equally important to have a high degree of interpersonal skill. Additionally, working at a startup makes it feel a little bit like he's still in college since it provides frequent opportunities to dive deeply into a new subject and learn everything you can and allows you to wear whatever you want to work, which is always nice.

Graham is happy to talk startups and tech, finding one's interests or really anything else that might come to mind.

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