Club and Intramural Sports

Intramurals and Recreation

Our intramural and club sports programming provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to compete and play together. Club sports and intramural are a great way for all members of our campus community to experience wellness through recreation, an opportunity to get outside the classroom and blow off steam, as well as meet new people.

League and Single Day Play

Each year usually features 3 to 5 different intramural leagues, which rotate from year to year. In addition, single-sport days — which feature a variety of activities such as spikeball, 3v3 soccer, ping-pong, dodgeball, and more — are a great way to get outside and involved without the commitment of a league.

Year-Long Activities

In addition to seasonal sports and leagues during the school year, recreational sports programming extends into the summer. If you're here for summer research or a department internship, you can also join a summer league (and challenge your professors to a game of capture the flag).

IM Commissioners

Sports for students, led by students. The IM Commissioners are a group of students that work with our outdoor education and adventure staff to plan, promote, and referee intramural and club sports. Students who are passionate about recreation are encouraged to become a part of the Commissioners program.