Lenfest Grants

  • Lenfest Grants are made to various faculty members each year in May.
  • The recipient has until October 1 to spend the grant money. A specific account is created to view on MyAccounts to monitor transactions.
  • Unused Lenfest funds will be returned to the Provost after October 1. If overspent, the faculty member will need to reimburse the University.
  • Reimbursements and advances from the Lenfest Grant expense accounts can be authorized by the department chair or faculty may forward requests directly to any of the following individuals in the Business Office for approval: Sue Bryant, Joan Swisher, Cathy Coleman, Natalie Garvis, or Deborah Caylor.
  • Please do not submit Lenfest vouchers and receipts to the Dean's or Provost's Office; send directly to the Business Office.