Account Adjustment/Transfers

Transfers are done to move funds or transactions between accounts for various reasons. These are also known as department transfer, campus transfers, account transfers, journal entry transfers, or just transfers. The Business Office's process for transfers is online. Below are instructions and tip for processing transfers

  • Do not send hardcopy transfers to the Business Office. All transfers should be submitted and approved through the Account Adjustment Transfer site.
  • The department that receives the charge or expense (DEBIT) will need to approve the transfers.
  • If you are crediting (sending money to) someone's account, please send an email copy of the transfer to other people so they can be aware of transactions that will hit their account, especially when sharing cost of making corrections.
  • If you have a long list of accounts in your transfer, contact Mary Nicely for another option.
  • Please contact Mary Nicely ( or x8928) if you have any questions.
  • JE transfers are not the same as budget transfers, which should be completed with Stephanie Arbanas.