Accounts Payable Schedule for Disbursements

Below is the normal Accounts Payable schedule and changes to AP schedule.  Please make note of the changes in the schedules due to banking and/or University holidays.

Normal Pay Schedule

Cut Off Date Cut Off Time Payment Date Payment Time**
Thursday Noon Tuesday Noon
Tuesday Noon Friday Noon

**Checks can be picked up after 11AM when the Business Office closes at Noon

Changes in AP Schedule (Banking or University Holidays)

Also watch Campus Notices for changes to these schedules related to University Holidays
Banking Holiday Holiday Date Revised Cutoff Date Revised Cutoff Time Payment Date Payment Time
Business Office Change 4/17/18 Noon 4/20/18 Noon
Memorial Day 5/28/18 5/23/18 Noon 5/29/18 11:00 AM
Independence Day TBA TBA Noon TBA 11:00 AM
Labor Day 9/4/17 8/30/17 Noon 9/5/17 Noon
Columbus Day 10/9/17 10/4/17 Noon 10/10/17 Noon
Thanksgiving 11/23/17 11/16/17 Noon 11/21/17 Noon
2017 Final Check Run 12/19/17 Noon 12/22/17 Noon
MLK Day 1/15/18 1/10/18 Noon 1/16/18 Noon
President's Day 2/19/18 2/14/18 Noon 2/20/18 Noon