The Honor System

The student-administered Honor System is the heart of the university, and it has the personal commitment of every student, faculty member, administrator and staff member. Providing the common thread woven through many aspects of this institution, honor creates a community of trust and respect affecting the fundamental relationships of all its members and allowing uncommon freedom. Entrusted to the students by the Board of Trustees, the Honor System is administered solely by the Student Body Executive Committee. Students found guilty of violating the community's trust are dismissed from the university. In the environment of trust that the system creates and protects, instructors presume academic honesty on all assignments, and exams are un-proctored. Dedication to honorable behavior creates a strong bond of trust among the students and between them and the faculty, a bond that informs interactions in and beyond the classroom. Alumni frequently cite the Honor System as the most valuable and cherished element of the Washington and Lee experience, preparing them for moral and ethical leadership in their lives and their careers.