Institutional Leadership

The university's board consists of 32 members, including the president. Trustees are elected by the board, which is chaired by a rector who is elected by the trustees. Except for the president, each trustee serves a term of five years and is eligible for re-election to a second term.

Subject to the ultimate authority of the board, the president makes and reports to the board determinations on the composition and structure of the administrative staff as well as all appointments to and promotions within the faculty. The president is a member and ex officio chair of the faculty.

Reporting directly to the president are the provost, the general counsel and four vice presidents - admissions and financial aid, finance and administration, university advancement, and student affairs. The director of athletics reports to the president on NCAA matters. The president has two senior assistants. The President's Council is a group of senior managers from all areas of the university, which meets monthly during the academic year and for a summer retreat to share information and planning.