Gregory Pask Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Gregory Pask

Howe Hall 409


B.S. Biochemistry, Muhlenberg College, 2008

Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University, 2013

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Entomology, University of California, Riverside, 2013-2015


My broad interests are in understanding insect sensory systems to manipulate the behaviors of both beneficial and pest insects.  In particular, my research uses molecular techniques to investigate the function of the receptors used in insect olfactory systems (sense of smell).  Past research using the malaria vector mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, has led to the discovery of a compound (VUAA1) that may prove to be a powerful insect repellent in the future.  My recent research has focused on the molecular receptors for social recognition in an ant species, Harpegnathos saltator.


BIOL 195   Breaking Bugs: Managing Insect Pests

BIOL 220   Genetics

BIOL 221   Genetics Lab

BIOL 297   Topics in Biology: Blood, Sex, Sugar, Bugs

BIOL 396   Receptor Pharmacology and Physiology

Selected Publications

Pask GM, Ray A.  Insect Olfactory Receptors: An Interface Between Chemistry and Biology. Chapter in Chemosensory Transduction: Detection of Odor, Taste and other Chemostimuli. 2015 in press 

Kumar BN, Taylor RW, Pask GM, Zwiebel LJ, Newcomb RD, Christie DL.  A Conserved Aspartic Acid Is Important for Agonist (VUAA1) and Odorant/Tuning Receptor-Dependent Activation of the Insect Odorant Co-Receptor (Orco). PLOS ONE, 2013  8 (7): e70218

Pask GM, Bobkov YV, Corey EA, Ache BW, Zwiebel LJ.  Blockade of Insect Odorant Receptors with Amiloride Derivatives. Chem Senses. 2013 38 (3): 221-229.

Pask GM, Romaine IM, Zwiebel LJ. The Molecular Receptive Range of a Lactone Receptor in Anopheles gambiae. Chemical Senses. 2013 Jan;38(1):19-25.

Jones PL, Pask GM, Romaine IM, Taylor RW, Reid PR, Waterson AG, Sulikowski GA, Zwiebel LJ.  Allosteric Antagonism of Insect Odorant Receptor Ion Channels. PLoS ONE, 2012,7 (1): e30304

Pask GM, Jones PL, Rützler M, Rinker DC, Zwiebel LJ.  Heteromeric Channels of Anopheline Odorant Receptors Exhibit Distinct Channel Properties. PLoS ONE, 2011, 6 (12): e28774

Jones PL*, Pask GM*, Rinker DC, Zwiebel LJ. Functional Agonism of Insect Odorant Receptor Ion Channels.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA,  2011 May 24, 108 (21): 8821-8825

Bohbot JD*, Jones PL*, Wang G*, Pitts RJ, Pask GM, Zwiebel LJ. Conservation of Indole Responsive Odorant Receptors in Mosquitoes Reveals an Ancient Olfactory Trait.  Chemical Senses, 2011 Jan;36(2): 149-60.