Available to students at all hours of the day and night, the design studio contains a 17-station computer lab with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. Every station is equipped with a Wacom digital drawing tablet. Bring on the fun!

Drawing and Painting

Wilson Hall’s state-of-the-art painting and drawing studios feature spacious, well-lit working areas with high ceilings and new ventilation systems. Natural light is provided by floor-to-ceiling windows with double doors opening on balconies over-looking scenic Woods Creek. Ample storage racks allow students to store work while focusing on multiple projects throughout the semester. These rooms provide an inspiring environment for students to grow as developing young artists.


The photography program at W&L is housed in a state-of-the-art facility that includes both traditional and digital darkrooms. There are 2 black & white darkrooms with a total of 16 - Omega 4x5 enlarger stations, a film processing room, as well as equipment and supplies for alternative and non-silver processes. A spacious classroom/studio houses 8 digital darkroom stations, complete with the latest Macintosh computers and imaging software, drawing tablets, scanners, and archival ink jet printers. Photography students at W&L are able to make photographic prints up to 16x20 in the wet darkroom, and up to 44" wide in the digital darkroom. Additionally, students are able to check-out a variety of photographic equipment, including 35mm, digital SLR, medium format, and 4x5 view cameras, as well as tripods, lights, and light meters.


Printmaking at W&L includes both relief and intaglio processes, and the studio features a fully functioning letterpress workshop. Upper level courses in these techniques, along with a special course in book arts, make printmaking a large and important component of the Art Studio program. Not unmindful of our environment, W&L’s printmaking facilities emphasize safe techniques and employ non-toxic solvents – a rarity among liberal arts colleges in the United States.


Three separate sculpture studios, plus a 2000 square-foot outdoor terrace overlooking Wood's Creek, provide ample space to experiment with different media and new ideas. The clay studio has five high-end Shimpo Whisper Potter's wheels, three electric kilns, and an outdoor Raku kiln; there is also a complete woodworking studio and a metal studio with MIG welding and plasma cutters. Are you ready for some sculpture?