The I-Hsiung Ju and Chow-Soon Chuang Ju Endowment for Traditional Chinese Art Studies

To honor the life and memory of her husband, I-Hsiung Ju (1923-2012)-a much loved professor of art and artist-in-residence emeritus at Washington and Lee-Chow-Soon Chuang Ju established the I-Hsiung Ju and Chow-Soon Chuang Ju Endowment for Traditional Chinese Art Studies. The endowment is a permanently endowed fund at Washington and Lee University providing support for a student to travel to China or Taiwan to study traditional Chinese art (e.g. brush painting or calligraphy) in either a university approved program or as an apprentice to an artist. The endowment may also fund students traveling to China or Taiwan to enhance his or her study of language and literature. In keeping with Mrs. Ju's wishes, preference will be given to candidates who want to pursue traditional Chinese art.

Each year, a student will be granted an award of roughly $2,000-$5,000. Applications are due to the department chair by the first Monday after February break. Decisions about awardees will be made by March of that year.

Applications should include a résumé, list of relevant course work in Studio, Art History, and/or East Asian Languages and Literature, preliminary budget, and a cover letter. In your letter, please include the following: why you want to go to China; what you would like to do while there; how this relates to your larger program of study; and your previous international travel experiences.

For more details, contact Professor Kathleen Olson-Janjic (540.458.8859)