Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies

The Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies minor reflects a broad set of concerns related to how we think about and treat cultural heritage objects and sites. In the twenty‚Äźfirst century, museum institutionswhether historic sites and battlefields, museums of science, art, or natural historystand at an intersection between education and cultural diplomacy where thorny issues about ownership, repatriation, preservation, tradition, and looting are often very publicly debated. Courses of this minor relate to issues of ethical treatment of cultural heritage concerning the manipulation, production, and destruction of objects and sites in pursuit of generating specific narratives of history and cultural identity. Through course work and experiential learning, the CHMS minor provides students the opportunity to examine both the theory and practice of cultural heritage and the museum world.

minor in Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies requires completion of at least 21 credits from seven courses. In meeting the requirements of this minor, a student may not use more than nine credits (three courses) that are also used to meet the requirements of another major or minor.

  1. Core required courses: ARTH 398, 453
  2. Introductory level course: one course chosen from ARTH 101, 102,140, 141, 170 and, when appropriate, ARTH 195
  3. Intermediate level course: one course chosen from HIST 230 or 200-level ARTH courses
  4. Looting, Trading, and Marketing: one course chosen from ARTH 125, 245, 246, 257
  5. Unearthing, Conserving, and Curating: two courses chosen from ARTH 243, 276, 288, 347, 356, CHEM 156; CLAS 200, 338; SOAN 186, 210, 211, 224, 232, 286, 378