Walking in Tuscany and the Italian Riviera

11 Days, October 5 - 15, 2022 (*waitlist only)

From $6,280 from Florence

Tour Operator:
Royal Adventures

Past W&L travelers have observed that a walking tour allows the traveler not only to enjoy the sites at leisure but also to peer “into the lives of others.”  A walking tour in Tuscany and the Italian Riviera compels the traveler to slow down, take it all in, and savor the exquisite tranquility of quaint hill towns that many may miss.  To know a place well, one must measure it on foot, taste its wines and cheeses, listen to the melody of its vernacular in the winding lanes of its villages, and savor its palette of fragrance in the open air.  From such intimate experience, one derives a lifetime of memories and, inevitably, a nagging urge to return.

For this sweet immersion in Tuscany and the Italian Riviera, we’ve turned to friends thoroughly familiar with the undulating hills and back roads of Northern Italy, the picturesque villages and vineyards, and the charming hotels where hospitality is still a family affair.  This will be a “diet-friendly” walking tour, with Florence, Montalcino, Colle Val d’Elsa, and Sestri Levante as our home bases as we make our gentle progress through such towns as San Gimignano and Lucca in Tuscany to the tiny cliffside villages of the Cinque Terre.  Each day, we’ll walk between three and six miles as we sample the vintages and delectable cuisines of Northern Italy.  We’ll rise each day to the evocative murmur of the local life in historic towns, stroll along lightly traveled, cypress-lined byways, dine in the charming trattorias and ristorantes that only seasoned travelers know, and rest each night in well-chosen small hotels and inns.  With fine guides, wine with all dinners, train and ferry tickets, and transportation for those choosing to rest between destinations, the “Italian Walks” package is bound to appeal to a variety of impulses.  This exclusively W&L tour will be limited to 26 travelers.

The scenery will be inexpressibly lovely, of course, the food and wine exquisite, the exercise invigorating, and the fellowship superb as we come to know the subtle flavors of this beloved region of Italy.

Pre- and post-trip extensions are available to Florence and Rome.