Morocco: Medinas and Minarets

11 Days, October 31 - November 10, 2022
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$5,995 from Casablanca, Morocco

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"Traveling . . . gives you home in a thousand strange places, then leaves you a stranger in your own land."

In its position on the far northwestern corner of Africa, with a shoreline that stretches from the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar to the Atlantic, Morocco has been for many centuries one of the great intersections of civilization. Located just beyond the southern reach of the European continent, Morocco has served as the garden frontier for the Romans; it has seen the wanderings of the earliest Christians and Muslims, the advance of the Moors from Africa to Spain; it has welcomed the dusty caravans at the end of their long treks across the Sahara and the first brave ventures of the Portuguese out across the great oceans. Today, Morocco retains elements of all of its history, combining a wealth of cultures from the three continents with the native population of Berbers and black Africans. Renowned as one of Winston Churchill’s favorite destinations, Morocco is simply one of the most fascinating collections of humanity available anywhere on earth.

A mere six hours from New York, Morocco is an eminently manageable as well as a provocative travel experience. Our exciting journey travels from the timeworn ruins of Caesar’s most distant provincial capital to the finest examples of ancient and modern Islamic architecture. We’ll visit the renowned cities of Rabat, Fes, and Marrakech among several ancient walled towns and discover why Morocco’s exotic souks make it an unforgettable shopper’s paradise. An optional “glamping” extension will take you east through the majestic Atlas Mountains to the edge of the Sahara for a sunset camel ride before dining in the tents of Morocco’s nomadic Berbers. Morocco’s treasures include Roman antiquities, imperial palaces and fortifications, ancient casbahs, and delicious cuisine. As we traverse her distances, we’ll enjoy a kaleidoscope of towering mountains, deep caverns, palm groves, rose-colored medieval towns nestled in the emerald green valleys of her principal rivers, terra-cotta villages huddling up to fertile oases, and, to the forbidding east, the windswept immensity of sand dunes rolling in from the Sahara.

“Medinas and Minarets” includes five-star boutique hotels throughout, all transportation and entrance fees, as well as a select national guide. Join us in discovering Morocco’s lingering spell on all who have been fortunate to visit her.

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