Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure

10 Days, June 3 - 12, 2022 

$3,495 from Las Vegas, Nevada

Tour Operator:
Grand Canyon Expeditions

The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is the standard by which all other adventure trips are judged. Its rapids are known throughout the river rafting world: Crystal, Hermit, the legendary Lava River Falls and many more. But a river trip through the Grand Canyon is much more than exciting rapids. It's also the hikes in side canyons to fern grottos, waterfalls and huge natural amphitheaters, the beautiful beach campsites on the river, the blazing canopy of stars at night and the shared experience of the ultimate natural history trip with friends and family.

Surely there are few spots on earth that can compare with the Grand Canyon for scenic beauty. But its grandeur is quite unforgettable from the exciting vantage of a whitewater raft trip. The W&L Traveller has again chartered Grand Canyon Expeditions for an eight-day adventure on the Colorado. Our 37-foot motorized raft is designed for stability, so you and your family will be completely safe, as well as surprisingly comfortable and well cared for. From the river put-in beach at Lees Ferry below Lake Powell to the take-out pier above Hoover Dam at Lake Mead 240 miles downriver, the trip is perfectly paced to accentuate both the thrills and exquisite tranquility of the Canyon. Throughout our trip, knowledgeable guides, steeped in the history of the Canyon, will enhance our appreciation of the highlights.

Again this year, we've chartered two rafts of 14 passengers each. The expedition will be accompanied by a W&L geology professor, who will help us read the rock record in the world's greatest open textbook on the earth's history. Participants will need to travel independently to Las Vegas, where our expedition departs by air-conditioned coach early on June 4th for Lees Ferry. The package includes all safety equipment, waterproof duffels, and tents. All meals are specially prepared by the Expeditions staff.

Traveling With You

Professor David Harbor

David Harbor is a Professor of Geology at Washington and Lee University. He received his B.A. in Geology from Earlham College in 1981, his Masters of Science in Geosciences from Penn State University in 1985 and a PhD in Earth Resources from Colorado State University in 1990.  Following a short post-doctoral research project with the Corps of Engineers and a semester teaching at UNC-Charlotte, where, importantly, he met his wife Cathryn, he came to W&L to teach in the fall of 1992.  At W&L, David has taught 24 different courses or course locations, including topics like Sand!, GIS, Geomorphology, Glaciology and most recently Carbon Farming (Regenerative Agriculture for Carbon Sequestration), and in places like Iceland, New Zealand, and Zion National Park. Some of his research has focused on river erosion over millions years, which has taken his students and him around the Appalachians and to far flung places like India and South America, but other research ideas keeps him busy in the lab doing flume experiments modeling bedrock erosion by hydraulic plucking, something he’d expect to happen during a flood at places like Goshen Pass. Dr. Dave’s most recent gig is working with his research students and local farmers to find ways to measure and successfully store soil carbon as farms build soil and profit, and in the process mitigate global climate change. Although author or coauthor of nearly 30 scientific articles, he is most proud of the nearly 150 student research projects and independent studies that he has mentored in 29 years at W&L. David and Cathryn, a family practice doctor, live in Lexington where they garden, bike and happily welcome a return, brief or otherwise, of their three grown children.

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