12 Days, January 4 - 15, 2022

From $9,995, from Ushuaia, Argentina

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There is nothing quite like a blue and white day in Antarctica: the pristine blue of the sky, the white of the snow swept mountains, the blue of the sea, the brilliant white of the icebergs, the blue of the oxygen trapped within them, and the white of the Adélie Penguins' breast plumage as they swim along beside your zodiac. Along with a great range of amazements, Antarctica is a visual feast.

A continent of superlatives and extremes, Antarctica is the highest, windiest, coldest, most remote, and the most fragile and delicately balanced ecologically of the earth's seven continents. An immense ice cap, two miles deep, covers most of the continent's landmass and holds 90 percent of the Earth's freshwater. In contrast to this desolate, intriguingly beautiful icescape of rugged mountain peaks, snowfields, and glaciers, the surrounding sea is rich in nutrients, supporting varied and abundant marine life— literally millions of penguins and other fascinating seabirds, including albatrosses, skuas, petrels, gulls, and terns; most of the species of great whales; and other marine mammals such as sea lions and seals.

We'll visit Antarctica during the brief austral summer when the days are long, temperatures moderate, and the wildlife most active. In this rare untouched environment, the wildlife is remarkably unafraid of humans; visitors are privileged to witness at close range creatures following their age-old patterns and cycles.

Today, more than ever before, Antarctica is accessible to those wishing to know her intelligently. We have chosen a beautiful new ice-class small ship for this Antarctic exploration, the 180-passenger Ocean Victory, a state-of-the-art expedition ship that combines very comfortable accommodations, a superb staff of onboard naturalists, personalized service, and meticulous environmental sensitivity. The voyage's truly exceptional team of naturalists will work with our own expertise to make this a truly unforgettable introduction to the seventh continent.

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