After Class: Season Two

The Lifelong Learning Podcast Season 2

After Class: Season Two

Can They Say That?!?

Free Speech in a Crowded Theater: A Look at the First Amendment with Law Professor, Brian Murchison
The Charles S. Rowe Professor of Law and director of the Mudd Center for Ethics, kicks off Season Two of W&L After Class: The Lifelong Learning Podcast with a timely conversation about the First Amendment and mass media. 
Recorded February 2, 2021
Aired February 10, 2021


All The World's a Stage

The Love of Musical Theater with Rob Mish
The director of the Lenfest Center for the Arts shares his infectious love of musical theater and how musicals have been reinvented over time to correct their flaws. We’ll also discuss his time spent in Alumni Engagement and the joy in connecting current students with alumni.
Recorded February 24, 2021
Aired March 9, 2021


She's Got Game!

A Conversation About All Things Athletic with Jan Hathorn 
W&L’s first female Athletic Director discusses the important distinction between an athlete and student-athlete, the changes to make W&L’s renowned swim test more equitable, and what it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated profession. 
Recorded April 1, 2021
Aired April 13, 2021


No Stone Unturned

Rocking Out with Elizabeth Knapp
Elizabeth Knapp '90, professor of geology and director of the Johnson Program in Leadership and Integrity, discusses falling in love with rocks, the landscape of Rockbridge County and how the Johnson Program transforms campus and student lives.
Recorded April 14, 2021
Aired May 11, 2021


The Nose Knows

The Science of Smell with Tyler Lorig
Tyler Lorig, professor emeritus of cognitive and behavioral science at Washington and Lee University, has spent decades studying the olfactory system and its impact on everyday life. After listening to him explain this crucial sense, you'll never think about odor the same way again.
Recorded May 18, 2021
Aired July 13, 2021


Along Came a Spider

The Allure of Arachnids with Nadia Ayoub
Nadia Ayoub, associate professor of biology at W&L, weaves a fascinating lesson about her research into the genetics of black widow spider silk – and explains the wide-reaching implications of understanding these amazing arachnids.
Recorded Sept. 23, 2021
Aired Oct. 12, 2021


Art on the Wall

George Bent, the Sidney Gause Childress Professor of the Arts at W&L, talks about what inspired his love of art history, why he loves teaching it, and how he has engaged students in a remarkable digital history project, "Florence As It Was," that is reconstructing the Italian city the way it appeared at the end of the 15th century.
Recorded Nov. 1, 2021
Aired Nov. 9, 2021