Chapter Service Volunteer Award Nomination

Chapter Service Volunteer Award Nomination 

This award recognizes chapter volunteers who have a history contributing valuable service of direct benefit to their chapters, with or without holding chapter office(s), and who have not otherwise received a formal expression of gratitude.

Qualifications and Criteria of a Nominee

1. All chapters are invited, at their discretion, to nominate one outstanding volunteer each year.

2. Nominations are to be submitted to the current chapter president and he/she will select one nomination to submit to the Office of Alumni Engagement.

3. Nominees must have provided valuable service of direct benefit to the chapter. No other specific criteria or guidelines are provided to allow each chapter to select an individual based on what is most meaningful to said chapter.

4. Alumni, parents, families, and friends past and present are eligible. The current chapter president and AAP chair are not eligible except for service unrelated to those duties.

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