Chapter Service Volunteer Awards

The Washington and Lee Office of Alumni Engagement is excited to announce the Chapter Service Volunteer Award, a program to shine a light on local "unsung heroes" who have made a valuable contribution to their local alumni chapter. Some of them do not have titles and/or have not received a formal expression of gratitude. This award provides chapters a tool to honor and thank such a person. The only criteria is to have rendered valuable service of direct benefit to your alumni chapter, past or present. Alumni, parents, and friends were eligible. Current chapter presidents were ineligible.

  • We will be transitioning this award to December.  Nominations for the Winter 2021 Chapter Service Volunteer Awards are now open. Please fill out the nomination form .

Spring 2021 Winners

Below is a list of our honorees, congratulations and thank you for all you do!

  • Jane Armstrong (P '11, '14) and Mike Armstrong '77, Atlanta
  • Tricia Bates '10, Los Angeles
  • Elizabeth Berry '09 and Vance Berry '09, Oregon
  • Babs and Drew Camerota (P '16, '19), Philadelphia
  • Aaron DiGregorio '14, Eastern North Carolina
  • Chip Flanagan '75, San Antonio
  • Archer Frierson '73 & Ivy Frierson (P '05, '11), Northern Louisiana
  • Peggy Grosser (P '10) and Ted Grosser '77L, Southern Ohio 
  • Phifer Helms '74 & Polly Helms (P '05, '07, '11), Charlotte
  • Cindy Klinedinst and John Klinedinst '71, 78L, San Diego
  • Jimmy Kull '94, Austin
  • Kenneth Lang '82, (P '15), New York
  • Doug Madison '72 & Stephanie Madison, Louisville
  • Christina Roberts (P '19) and Richard Roberts '91L, Mid-South
  • Carlos Spaht '05, Baton Rouge
  • The Touchton family - Lee (P '90) and Tom '60, John '90 and Susan, 
    Florida West Coast
  • James Urban '96, Baltimore

Chapter Service Volunteer Award