Alumni Board

Our Alumni Association's mission is to increase alumni connections with the University. The Association is led by the Alumni Board of Directors, in partnership with the Alumni Office on campus. The backbone of the association is its numerous chapters across America and abroad. Working together, our aim is to involve as many alumni as possible in satisfying experiences with their Alma Mater. We learn and communicate alumni views to the University, and in turn, communicate University issues, events and policies to alumni, with the goal of increasing their knowledge of and affection for Washington and Lee.

These 24 key volunteer leaders are the non-policy making advisory board which represents Washington and Lee alumni. Six directors are elected annually to serve a four-year term. The Alumni Board is an advocate for all alumni; it stays current on University affairs, monitors and responds to alumni opinion, helps to inform and educate alumni about W&L, and supports alumni chapter programs.

The board meets twice a year over Young Alumni and Alumni Weekends.

Term Expires 2020:

Ted Gregory '75
Frederick, MD

Mary Hipp '90
Greenville, SC

Wright Marshall '95
Atlanta, GA

Wynne Sharpe '03
Houston, TX

William Thornton '88
Atlanta, GA

Stephanie Wolfe '99 (President)
Randolph, NJ

Term Expires 2021:

Brandon Allred '12, '16L
Norfolk, VA

Greg Buch '73
Philadelphia, PA

John Durant '90
San Diego, CA

Parke Ellis '81 (Vice President)
New Orleans, LA

Greer Johnson '05
Charlottesville, VA

Tiffany Todd '06
Denver, CO

Term Expires 2022:

John Allgood '07
Nashville, TN

Grace Andrews '09
Portland, OR

Anne Young Bell '04
Charlotte, NC

Nelson Bunn '08
Washington, DC

John Fidler '01
Louisville, KY

Mark Pennell '78
Cincinnati, OH

Term Expires 2023:

Heather Brock '90 
Tampa, FL

Tori Stevens Choksi '10

Randy Ellis '86
Richmond, VA

William Litton '04 
Dallas, TX

Dan McMenamin '06
New York City

Lindsey Strachan '09
Richmond, VA