Kathekon was founded in 1984 by the Alumni Office (now known as Alumni Affairs). A group of students and alumni wanted to create a group with the purpose of increasing student-alumni relations. The idea was approved as long as they come up with a good name for the group. After a meeting with a journalism professor on the topic, the term kathekon was selected. It comes from a Greek phrase meaning "having an ethos of caring" or "to serve."

The members of Kathekon support Alumni Affairs on campus, connect with the history and workings of the University, and aspire to be alumni leaders. The group also strives for camaraderie amongst its members and with the Alumni Affairs staff. This comfort and familiarity will be the foundation for continued engagement after members graduate.

Membership Process:

Membership is by application only in early spring, and is limited to rising juniors and seniors in good academic and general standing in the W&L community. Kathekon seeks a varied group of students who have, by their demonstrated and planned involvement and passion for W&L, embraced W&L and wish to deepen their connection with the University. Alumni Affairs staff and the leaders of the group will conduct interviews with finalists, with a goal of approximately 40 members split evenly between juniors and seniors.

Current Activities:

  • Provide reliable and valuable hands-on assistance to Alumni Affairs during large campus reunions, to include transportation, office staffing, registration, greeting, and logistics.
  • Meet with different administrators and/or alumni for informal informational sessions to learn more about the "behind-the-scenes" working of the university.
  • Serve as student liaisons to the Alumni Board and its Chapters Committee, with the hope that they will better understand the make-up and function of alumni chapters.
  • Understand, embrace, and promote the speaking tradition on campus, a simple act of civility which provides a key foundation for our community of trust and respect.
  • Sponsor "Speak Day," when students are encouraged to recall and embrace the speaking tradition.
  • Co-sponsor "Say Thanks Day," when students will have an opportunity to write a brief message of thanks to alumni. Kathekon will promote appreciation for the generous support of W&L alumni and their impact on current student experience.
  • Attend and assist Alumni Affairs at the first-year orientation dinner.
  • Assist Alumni Affairs and the Registrar's office in hosting Senior Night at Liberty Hall Ruins, to welcome graduating students into the alumni association and present them with a gift.
  • After graduation, welcome the opportunity to be active in a local alumni chapter and remain connected to W&L.

Current Members:

Advisor: Mary Webster

Class of 2018

Walker Abbott 
Halifax, VA

Francisco Alimonda
Newtown Square, PA

Harleigh Bean
Upper Marlboro, MD

Charlotte Braverman
Houston, TX

Elizabeth Case
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Robyn Cleary
Winter Park, FL

Hayden Combs
Kennett, MO

Reeves Duggan
Mountain Brook, AL

Chase Flowers
Thomasville, GA

Mason Grist
Lexington, VA

Julia Gsell
Houston, TX

Madeline Hill
Atlanta, GA

Ryan Hodgson
Richmond, VA

Caroline Holliday
Atlanta, GA

Truth Iyiewuare
Houston, TX

Ram Raval
Virginia Beach, VA

Connor Riedell
Garden City, NY

Gray Rixey
Montreat, NC

Alden Schade
East Hampton, NY

Mallory Stephenson
Fincastle, VA

William Szczecinski
Savannah, GA

Mary Page Welch
Charlotte, NC

Class of 2019

Michael Beal
Columbia, SC

Allie DiPietro
Baltimore, MD

Jackson Ellis
Richmond, VA

Ethiopia Getachew
Westwood, MA

Dannick Kenon
West Babylon, NY

Heather Lee
Bloomfield Village, MI

Andrew Lewis
Charlotte, NC

Maxwell Louman
Purchase, NY

Clara McCollam
Atlanta, GA

Mary Hampton McNeal
Beaufort, SC

Mary Helen Powell
Greenwood, SC

Philip Rech
Darian, CT

Will Shannon 
Greensboro, NC

Scott Simmons
Montgomery, AL

Caroline Skidmore
St. Petersburg, FL

Anne Teague
Charlotte, NC

William Whann
New Orleans, LA