C3 Conference Divisions

Our alumni chapters range in size from 2,700 members to fewer than 30. Some chapters serve single cities, while others cover several states. Thus, it is impossible to establish a one-size-fits-all model for success. Instead, we created the Chapter Colonnade Challenge, or C3, to provide a flexible guide of what we expect of our chapters through measured criteria, as well as a fun and collegial competition to measure and reward their success. The C3 serves as the foundation for chapter health. In the C3, chapters are divided into five active divisions based on alumni population. 

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Chapter Divisions

Division I Division II Division III Division IV Division V
(>800) (401-800) (201-400) (101-200) (1-100)
Atlanta Birmingham Austin Arkansas Baton Rouge
Baltimore Charlotte Blue Ridge Bluegrass Central Mississippi
New York City Chicago Charleston, S.C. Central Florida Indianapolis
Richmond Dallas Conn. River Valley Central Ohio Kansas City
Washington, D.C. Denver Jacksonville Charleston, W.V. Montgomery
Eastern N.C. Keystone Chattanooga Northern Louisiana
Florida West Coast Long Island Cumberland Valley Oklahoma City
Houston Louisville Delaware Pensacola
Los Angeles Lynchburg Detroit Spartanburg
New England Mid-South Fort Worth Tallahassee
Northern New Jersey Nashville Greensboro Tucson
Philadelphia New Orleans Lowcountry Tulsa
Roanoke Palm Beach Miami United Kingdom
San Francisco Palmetto Minnesota West Texas
Tidewater Peninsula Mobile
Westchester-Fairfield Pittsburgh Northeast Ohio
Puget Sound Oregon
Rockbridge Phoenix
S.C. Piedmont San Antonio
San Diego
Southern Ohio
St. Louis