Frequently Asked Questions

DIVE is for current high school seniors graduating in the Class of 2025. Only students who attend high school in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico are eligible to apply.

There are two DIVE opportunities. DIVE I is September 22-24, and DIVE II is September 29-October 1. Students will have the opportunity to mark if they have a conflict with either date in the application. Having a conflict with either date will not negatively impact your application review.

The DIVE application deadline, including all required materials, is August 9th at 11:59pm.

Please plan to have supplemental materials submitted for review with two weeks of applying and remember that all materials must be submitted by August 9th at 11:59pm for an application to be considered. Any incomplete applications will be removed from consideration.

You may submit screenshots of your junior year grades in the meantime, but you should plan to submit your final junior year grade report as soon as it is available.

No, your transcript does not have to be official.

The DIVE application will ask for planned senior courses. We understand that your schedule may not be set yet. Please indicate what courses you think you will be taking as accurately as possible.

If your high school produces a profile, you will typically be able to obtain a copy through the school’s counseling office.

No, if you choose to send in test scores for your DIVE application, you will not be required to send test scores in if you apply for admission.

For flyers, we will cover the cost of the flights and any associated travel (e.g., transportation to the airport). For drivers, we will cover the cost of either gas or mileage used getting to and from campus. During the DIVE program, all meals are provided.

For DIVE 2023, we invited 26% of applicants. Since Washington and Lee is a small university, we keep the program small to reflect the tight-knit community of our campus. Due to the size of the program, we cannot invite every student we are excited about. This does not reflect your chances of being admitted to the university itself.

No, DIVE is a visit experience, not an early application to W&L. We highly encourage all DIVE applicants, whether they are invited to the program or not, to apply to the university for admission if they are truly interested in W&L. Due to limited seats in the program, we cannot invite every student we are excited about.

It’s up to you! We recognize that completing the CPS application takes a lot of effort and the content overlaps with the questions we ask in the DIVE application. Submitting your CPS application may save you time in applying for DIVE. We will still ask you to complete a few DIVE-specific questions. There is no advantage or disadvantage between using a CPS application or completing the full DIVE application.

We will host 5 information sessions throughout the summer– we will email applicants about these and post the info session registration on the DIVE webpage. These sessions will cover topics like why we do DIVE, how to apply, the schedule of events, and travel details. You can also peek at last year’s program schedule!

If you are invited to DIVE, we will connect you to our travel coordinator and host a DIVE orientation Zoom. Our staff will also be available to answer your questions at dive@wlu.edu.

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