Letter to Counselors

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you. We know that Washington and Lee is one college among the myriad you encourage your students to consider, so we do not take your engagement with us lightly. Now, more than ever, we wish to affirm our shared professional values: helping students access and afford a college education.

W&L has the ninth longest history in US higher education — and an impressive track record of graduate successes in that time. Just this year we were the only liberal arts college represented among the new Rhodes Scholars cadre. You can be assured that students who choose W&L will find faculty mentors, lifelong friends and an intellectually rigorous community in which to learn, grow and contribute. And the composition of each class increasingly reflects the socioeconomic and ethnic diversity of the US.

At W&L we seek — and enroll — curious, thoughtful and engaged students from around the nation and world, often thanks to your recommendation. And we commit to meeting students’ need without loans and awarding nearly ten percent of each class a comprehensive merit scholarship through the Johnson Program for Leadership and Integrity.

And while more students are applying to college, we acknowledge the added anxiety they feel about the process. To that end, we strive to provide a clear, succinct and informative pathway:

  • We are a Common Application exclusive institution and QuestBridge partner college
    • We offer application and CSS Profile fee waivers
    • Our CA Supplement is the Johnson Scholarship application essay
  • Students may self-report their standardized tests
  • We welcome — but do not require — interviews, including availability in ninety off-campus locales
  • We invite over 100 prospective applicants to attend our two fall fly-in programs for underrepresented students and fund many more admitted students’ visits each spring
  • We have two application choices: Early Decision and Regular Decision
  • We meet 100% of demonstrated financial need and do not package awards with loans

Most important, prospective students, families and you, our counseling colleagues, should encounter an admissions process that is as personal and welcoming as the student experience is here at W&L. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns or helpful insights. We are always eager to hear from you.


Sally Stone Richmond
Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid