Work-Study is a financial aid option offered to many Washington and Lee students as a part of their overall financial aid package. Students who participate in the Work-Study program can contribute to the university and local community while earning the money they need to help offset some of their everyday expenses. Work-Study isn’t just about funding; it also provides employment experience and is an excellent way to boost your future resume.

W&L currently employs over 600 students through the Work-Study program, offering employment in over 200 positions on and off campus. These positions include athletics, academic and administrative offices, university store, libraries, and multiple areas off-campus in community-based organizations. Many positions exist that support and enhance a student’s specific educational and career goals.

Typically, work-Study awards are $3000 for the academic year, which usually means a student needs only to work seven to nine hours per week to earn the full award. Supervisors understand that education comes first and will work with students to arrange schedules that do not interfere with coursework demands. The hourly rate for a Work-Study student can range from $12.00 to $13.00, based on the complexity of the position.

Students who participate in Work-Study during their time at Washington and Lee find that campus employment widens their perspective and helps build relationships with faculty and staff. Aside from being a source of income, Work-Study helps to develop critical thinking, teamwork, time-management skills, and essential professionalism.

If you have additional questions about the W&L Work-Study program, please contact Miranda Edwards, Student Employment Manager, at

Office of Financial Aid