Where Do I Start?

New Student Programming

How do we sign up for Admitted Students Day? Is it beneficial for students who have already decided to come, or just for students who are still trying to decide?

There will be two Admitted Students Days: March 29 and April 22; the programs are identical. To confirm your attendance for one of these dates, please click here to log in to your GHQ and register online. Admitted Students Days are for applicants who are admitted as well as those who have confirmed their admission to the Class of 2022. Families are welcome to attend.

Can I come for an overnight visit/class visit as an admitted student?

Please refer to the Admitted Students Day registration form for more information regarding overnight visits and class visits. Further questions can be directed to the Office of Admissions at admissions@wlu.edu.

Does W&L offer pre-orientation programs?

Yes. We offer several pre-orientation programs: Volunteer Venture, Appalachian Adventure, and Sustainability Leadership trips. Information on each of these options can be found on the Leading Edge website.

When is Parents and Family Weekend? 

Parents Weekend 2019 has been tentatively scheduled for October 4-5, 2019. If you'd like more information about the programming and events, visit the Parents and Family Weekend site.

First Year Housing

How are rooms assigned? 

Rooms are assigned in the order applications are received. All applications must be submitted online through the Student GHQ beginning in April.

When do students move in? 

Please visit the First Year Experience site for an up-to-date list of move-in dates.  

When will my student get their residence hall room assignments?

Once you confirm your admission you will start receiving information from the Office fo the Dean for First-Year Experience. An information packet will be sent mid-April including the housing application, student health forms, access to the new student GHQ, and a summer timeline.  Housing assignments and roommate information will be sent to your GHQ account in July. Until then, more information can be found on the First-Year Experience site.

Can First-Year students have a car on campus?

Yes. The fee is $65 per academic year. The Public Safety site has more information about vehicle registration.

Academic Credit

I have received university/college credit on my transcript. Will these credits be counted? 

Information about credit transfer can be found on the Registrar's website.


Can I still apply for merit-based aid?

Unfourtunately, no. W&L's merit-based scholarships are only offered through The Johnson Scholarship program, which awards tuition, room and board. The Scholarship application deadline for this year was December 1st.

I cannot get into my GHQ!

The applicant GHQ is associated with the applicant's email address submitted on the Common Application. Login credentials were sent to that email address. For more information about the GHQ, please refer to our GHQ portal. If you cannot retrieve your login credientials, please contact the admissions office at admissions@wlu.edu.

How can I pay my Enrollment Desposit? Can I just send a check or pay on PayPal? 

The Enrollment deposit may be paid by check or credit card in the GHQ.

How do I pay my tuition?

Whether you can pay in full or need help, you may wish to consider paying all or part of your education expenses monthly on the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan offered by Tuition Management Systems. The payment plan is available for an annual enrollment fee and includes Life Insurance coverage for the bill payer, personal account service and counseling, automated account information 24 hours a day, and access to your account through their website: Tuition Management Systems

Visit Tuition Management Systems for more information on payment options, free education payment counseling and the many ways they can help you afford education. You can also call them toll free at 1-800-337-4309. For more information about W&L tuition and fees, please visit this link.

When will I get my W&L email address?

W&L email credentials will be provided in the late spring - for more information contact the Office for First-Year Experience.

Traveling to Campus

What is the closest airport? How do students get to campus from the airport?

The closest airports to campus are Roanoke (ROA), 50 miles away, and Charlottesville (CHO), 75 miles away . During certain times of year, the University offers a Shuttle Service. Amtrak offers rail service to Staunton, VA, 30 miles to our north.

Are there any other modes of transportation to campus?

You can visit our website to review all transportation options. 

I'm SO excited! I want to see a list of things I can bring for my dorm room!

To see a list developed by the residential life staff of what to bring for your first-year at W&L, please visit the First Year Housing site.  

What important contact info should I have?

Contact the Office of First-Year Students at for information pertaining to housing, student health, payment, pre-orientation, first-year orientation, vehicle registration, W&L student email address and technology, and meal plans.   
Contact the Office of the Registrar for information pertaining to class registration, AP credit, and faculty advisors.   
Contact the Business Office for information pertaining to student accounts, and the payment schedule.   
Contact Financial Aid for information pertaining to the financial aid portal, financial aid and work-study opportunities.  

First-Year Orientation

When does registration for classes open for First Years?

First-year students register for classes during orientation in September. Students are given training on the WebAdvisor registration process and work with faculty advisers to create a class schedule at this time. You will be assigned your initial faculty adviser in August.

What happens during Orientation Week?

Orientation Week is meant to introduce you to campus. From exploring the traditions and themes of campus, to meeting your fellow-classmates, to introducing you to clubs and student organizations that you can join, O-week is meant to show you everything campus has to offer you!

For more information (and the tentative O-Week schedule), check out the First-Year Experience.

The Gap Year

I was admitted to Washington and Lee and am considering taking a "gap year" between high school and college. How does this work at W&L?

Spending a year outside of a formal educational setting can be a wonderful experience, in the right circumstances. At W&L, admitted students' requests to defer admission for a year are typically approved, provided the year is spent thoughtfully engaged in enriching activities. We do have a few policies and guidelines related to this:

- Students requesting to defer admission must first reserve a spot in our student body with the required reservation deposit.

- Requests to defer admission must be submitted in writing by June 15 and may be emailed to admissions@wlu.edu. Students should submit a detailed proposal for how they will spend the academic year between high school and college (September to June). The proposal must account for the entirety of the upcoming academic year. Partial year proposals will not be approved.

- Full time study at another college will not be approved, nor will a post-graduate year of full time study at the high school level. Some exceptions might be granted, such as for language immersion or other academic or cultural programs abroad.

If a gap year proposal is approved, the student and a parent or guardian must sign an agreement affirming their willingness to treat the deferral as a commitment to enroll at W&L the next fall. This precludes applying for admission to other colleges or reserving a spot in the class of any other college. In addition, recipients of W&L need-based financial aid must reapply for aid next year, since each year's financial aid process involves submitting updated family income information.