Career Networking and Alumni

Career Connections

Will W&L help me find a job once I graduate?

We won't just help you find a job -- we'll help you find anything you're looking for. Our Career & Professional Development Center helps all W&L students find post-grad jobs, fellowship opportunities, summer internships, and more. They will help you craft a resume (even if it's your first time doing it), write a personal statement and cover letter, and even host you for a mock interview to practice your skills. When you're looking for an opportunity, you're in good hands with the Career Development office.

Where do W&L students go to work?

Our graduates go into a wide range of fields and work at companies such as Wells Fargo, Venture for America, NASA, the National Institute of Health, Twitter, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, the Peace Corps, Ernst & Young, Space X, Deutsche Bank, the Japan Exchange Teaching Program, and more.

I'm interested in graduate school - where do W&L grads end up?

Our graduates continue their education in a variety of well-known public and private graduate schools, from divinity school to law school, business to dentistry, and points in between. Acceptance rates into graduate schools are very high from W&L -- typically over 90% of applicants to medical schools and law schools are admitted.

Alumni and Networking

How can W&L help me network?

The Alumni Affairs Office hosts events throughout the year to help current students meet W&L graduates. The Career and Professional Development Center sponsors numerous alumni-in-residence series, where alumni return to campus and share their expertise and advice with students. Our alumni chapters host "welcome to the city" receptions to help recent graduates get to know their new city and network with fellow W&L alumni.

The Alumni Affairs Office also maintains Colonnade Connections, our online alumni community, so that alumni and current students can connect. For instance, current students can search for investment firms in Chicago and find a list of alumni who work there, along with their contact information. Many of these alumni have chosen to be peer mentors, which means they'll help you get your foot in the door, or take you out for a cup of coffee when you move to town or start your new job.