Athletics and Campus Recreation

Varsity Athletics

Are there varsity sports at W&L?

Yes, W&L supports 24 varsity sports. We are a Division III NCAA intercollegiate athletic program, which emphasizes academics over athletics.

How competitive are your teams?

In the 2016-2017 season, W&L won 71% of its contests, earned 10 ODAC championship titles, and boasted 17 All American Athletes. 

How many students play a varsity sport at W&L?

Roughly 40% of students play a varsity sport for at least one year and about 25% graduate as a member of a varsity program. About 25% of undergrads are varsity athletes.

I haven't been "recruited." Can I still play?

If you're interested in playing a sport at Washington and Lee, you should complete a prospective student-athlete questionnaire. The form will e-mail your information directly to the coach of your sport.

Intramural and Club Sports

What intramural sports opportunities are available for students?

We sponsor about 6 different intramural sports each year - but it changes from year to year!

Who is eligible to play intramural sports? How many people play IM sports?

All students and employees are eligible to participate in the IM program. Fraternities, sororities, residence halls, and random groups of friends all field teams for their favorite IM sports. You might even have the chance to square off against your professors or coaches, who often play IMs too.

What's the difference between Club and Intramural sports?

Sport clubs are student organized groups that participate year-round at a non-NCAA level, such as cycling, rowing, rugby and cricket. They keep regular practice schedules, maintain their own equipment and manage their own schedule of competition against teams from other colleges. Intramural sports are hosted year-round for on-campus teams to play each other, and the sports offered change by season. One week it's floor hockey, the next it's table tennis.

Group and Individual Exercise

What fitness classes does W&L offer?

Fitness classes are taught by certified instructors each term through Campus Recreation. Classes vary by term and have included spin cycling, yoga, Pilates, circuit training, running, aqua-aerobics and more.

Is there a fitness center on campus? What equipment is available? What hours does it maintain?

In addition to Doremus Gym -- which has basketball courts, an indoor track, racquetball and squash courts and more -- and a brand new natatorium for swimming, W&L has a Fitness Center equipped with cardio machines, free weights, weight machines and other strength-training tools. The center has a full-time staff in case you have questions or need to be trained to use any of the equipment. Hours are posted on the Fitness Center website.

Outdoor Recreation

What is the Outing Club?

W&L's Outing Club is an organization for students who want to participate in a variety of outdoor activities, including climbing, paddling, backpacking, diving, trekking, fishing, etc. Your four-year membership costs $40, and entitles you to participate in all day trips, single night backpacking trips, outdoor classes. It also allows you to check out any backpacking gear without further cost. There are activities planned throughout the school year and during most breaks. Classes are scheduled during all three terms and are taught based on student interest.

What is the Outing Club Barn?

The Outing Club's Barn houses the club's equipment and bouldering wall. It's a great place to hang out with other outdoorsy types.

What and where is the Outing Club theme house?

Located in the heart of Davidson Park just across from the Lexington Visitors Center, the Outing Club house comes with all the benefits of on-campus housing, as well as being at the heart of the Outing Club. Throughout the year, the Outing Club House is used for presentations, speakers, and activities for the club.

What can I do outdoors over breaks or summers?

Lexington and Rockbridge are full of natural beauty -- much of which you can explore yourself! There are mountains to hike, rivers to tube, a branch of the Appalachian Trail to explore, and many more activities!

Don't want to go by yourself? The Outing Club offers trips during breaks both nearby in the region as well as out of state -- and sometimes even out of the country!

Wow, the Outing Club sounds really amazing. Is it really that easy to get involved?

Super easy. Just sign up once you get on campus and wait for the activities to roll in!