Grace Loughhead

Grace Loughhead


Associate director of admissions

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Virginia

Text: 540-254-5812

A Little About Me

Favorite place on campus:  Gilliam Admissions House was the first place I entered on campus when I came to interview, and I was immediately struck by how much I felt like I had just come home. My professional family has grown here under this roof, and the students who have made the biggest impression on my heart have come together in this space, either in person, through Zoom or in their applications.

Favorite place to eat in Lexington:  I'm a sucker for the sweet potato fries fried in beef tallow at Pure Eats for lunch, no one can resist Sweet Things when the ice cream urge hits, and you can often find me and my two boys in Pronto on Saturday mornings with a large almond milk latte, milk, and chocolate croissants.

Favorite W&L event: The Johnson Selection Dinner on Monday night of the event is my favorite time. Current Johnson Scholars and prospective Johnson Scholarship finalists get together over dinner for community and encouragement. I'm always in awe of the amazing group of finalists, faculty, and current Johnson Scholars brought together because of the vision Mr. Johnson had for W&L.

What makes Lexington unique? Our community. W&L students are prevalent in our community — I often see them out volunteering including at my children's school. My oldest is trying new fruits and vegetables because a W&L student volunteer in his after-school program told him pineapples are cool and he should infuse them in water. Guess who wants water infused with pineapples every day now?

Favorite thing to do outside of work: I love old-timey, old lady things. I quilt and sew, and I love canning, baking, cooking...during the early days of the pandemic, I was making 3-4 loaves of bread a day! I try to create in some small way every day, and sharing my creations is truly my love language.