Alumni Admissions Program Hometown Interviews with W&L Graduates

I can't make it to campus. What are my options?

If you are unable to travel to the Washington and Lee campus, please contact an Alumni Admissions Program Chair in your area to arrange an interview. The Alumni Admissions Program (AAP) is a network of alumni volunteers who assist with student recruitment activities, including interviews, college fairs and receptions. We have an extensive network of AAP members in over 100 cities in the United States and around the world.

When should I interview?

Alumni interviews are available for high-school seniors from September 3, 2019 through January 31, 2020. On-campus interviews are available from May 1 (of a student’s junior year) – November 30th (of a student’s senior year, but students may only complete one interview (either on-campus or off-campus).

How do I schedule an interview?

To schedule an alumni interview, students should contact their local AAP chair. Specific cities are listed but each chapter covers a larger metropolitan area.

Will I hurt my chances by interviewing locally?

Local alumni interviews and on-campus interviews with an admission staff member are valued equally in our admissions process. Students may complete only one interview, either on campus with an admissions staff member or off campus with an AAP member. A majority of applicants interview off-campus with an AAP member.

What if there's not an AAP representative near me?

Interviews with an admission staff member are available on campus from May of the junior year through November of senior year, including many Saturdays in the fall. We do not offer phone or Skype interviews. Students who are unable to interview should feel free to contact us with any questions they might have about W&L or the admission process.

I'm having trouble connecting with an AAP representative.

Should you have any difficulty in connecting with a member of your local chapter, please contact our Admissions Office at or (540) 458-8710. Remember, our AAP members are volunteers, so please be patient with your interview requests. For more details on interviews, see our Interview page.