Admission Interviews

Interviews are not required but strongly recommended. 

Interviews are casual conversations that give you a chance to tell admissions staff about yourself, your accomplishments, college search, and interest in W&L. It also gives students an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about W&L or the admissions process. Students who are unable to travel to Lexington may be able to conduct interviews with an Alumni Admissions Program (AAP) volunteer in their area. 

Interviews with an admission staff member and interviews with an Alumni Admissions Program (AAP) volunteer are valued equally in our admissions process. A majority of students complete their interview with an AAP member. Students may only complete one interview.

Schedule an Interview

With Admissions Staff

May 1 (of junior year) - November 30 (of senior year)

We will be offering virtual interviews with our Admission Staff via teleconference. Schedule your interview using the link below.

With an AAP Volunteer

October 1 (of senior year) – January 31 (of senior year)
Alumni Admissions Program (AAP) volunteers are enthusiastic W&L alumni who provide a local connection to the university within students’ home communities.

For International Applicants

Alumni interviews are not available for international students living abroad, except in a few countries through our Alumni Admissions Program (see above). International applicants are encouraged instead to participate in an online interview conducted by Admissions Staff (see above), InitialView, Vericant, or through the Duolingo English Test.

Office of Admissions

Gilliam House
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