The Waiting List

How do I reserve my place on the Waiting List?

You may either return the postcard enclosed with your snail mail decision letter, or you may register from the link in your decision letter in the GHQ.

How many students are on the Waiting List?

That number depends on the number of students who join the waiting list returning that postcard or registering at the GHQ. If we do not hear from you, we'll assume that you've chosen to attend another school. Typically around 600-700 students join our waiting list.

Where am I on the Waiting List?

We don't rank our waiting list. If we end up with unfilled spaces in the class, we will reevaluate our needs at that point and admit students who meet these needs. We're trying to create a well-rounded class, and no two years are exactly alike when it comes to how the waiting list process goes.

How many students are typically admitted from the Waiting List?

In past years the number has ranged from as few as zero to as many as 100 students. But you cannot be admitted to W&L from the waiting list if you do not return that postcard or register at the GHQ.

When will I hear back from W&L?

That depends on the year. There is a chance you will hear from us in late April, but most likely you will not hear from us until after May 1st, which is the deadline for admitted students to reserve their places in the class. In the meantime, you should make plans to attend another college and reserve your place in its first-year class, since we cannot assure you that we'll admit any students from our waiting list.

What can I do to increase my chances of being admitted from the Waiting List?

Send in the postcard or register from the link in your decision letter in the GHQ. We sound like a broken record, but we will not consider your application further unless you communicate your desire to join our waiting list by registering for it. Also, stay in touch with us over the coming weeks. Keep us informed of any changes to your record (awards you've won, grades you've earned, etc.), and feel free to communicate to us the depth of your interest in attending W&L. If we end up with room for more students, we will review your application again, and updates can be very helpful as we consider it further.