A Word About Standardized Tests

All applicants to W&L, including international students, are required to submit self-reported or official results of either the SAT or the ACT. But here's the good news:

  • Your test scores are only one of the factors W&L evaluates in its holistic review of your application. We know you're more than your scores.
  • Writing scores are not required on either exam.
  • We "super score" both the SAT and ACT. This means we will combine your best section scores from multiple test sittings to produce your highest SAT or ACT score.
  • SAT Subject Tests are not required for admission to W&L.

Applicants may self-report their scores in one of these ways:

  • Enter your scores in the testing section of either the Common Application or the QuestBridge application.
  • After submitting your Common Application or QuestBridge application, log into your account in the GHQ (W&L's applicant web portal) and enter your scores there.

Applicants may submit official scores in one of these ways:

  • Sent directly from the testing agency. W&L's SAT code is 5887 and its ACT code is 4430.
  • Sent directly by the student's high school counselor on an official transcript.
  • Sent directly by the student's high school counselor via email to testscores@wlu.edu. NOTE: only scores sent from an email address associated with a verifiable high school internet domain will be accepted as official. All others will be considered self-reported.
  • Sent via document upload through Slate.org. Any interested high school counselor may create an account.

For international applicants: 

The SAT or ACT is required. English language proficiency testing is not required. However, when English is not a student's first language or the language of instruction in their school for four or more years, we strongly encourage students to supplement their applications in one of these ways:

  • Submit official results of the TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or Cambridge English: C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency exams. W&L does not accept self-reported scores on these exams.
  • Submit self-reported or official results from the writing section of the SAT or ACT.
  • Complete an interview with InitialView or Duolingo.

Verification of Self-Reported Test Scores

IMPORTANT: Students choosing to enroll at Washington and Lee who were admitted on the basis of self-reported SAT or ACT scores must submit official score reports soon after reserving a place in the incoming class. This is a condition of admission to W&L. Official score reports, sent in one of the ways detailed above, allow us to verify self-reported scores. Any discrepancy between self-reported and official scores could result in a student's admission being withdrawn.