Home-Schooled Applicants

Washington and Lee University is pleased to consider applications from home-schooled students. Given the unique nature of each student's curriculum, we suggest including the following, in addition to the material for all of our first-year applicants, to ensure an accurate and fair review of your application:

  • Self-reported or official results from five SAT Subject Tests or AP Tests
  • A detailed description of your curriculum, including a list of texts utilized
  • A listing of all institutions attended and official transcripts showing all courses completed
  • An interview either on-campus in the Office of Admission or off-campus through our Alumni Admissions Program
  • If available, two teacher recommendations from teachers other than family members (i.e. community college professor, summer program instructor, etc.)
  • Please feel free to include any other recommendations in addition to those mentioned above, including letters from coaches, employers, religious advisers, etc